duraflame.com premiered in 1996 in time for their big winter season. Version 1 radiated the warmth and glow their audience could associate with the product line. The fire animated, the mantle navigation and section headlines threw their shadows upward, and the "hearth" screensaver (downloaded in exchange for a little demographic information), was a smash hit, earning highest kudos from PC World magazine—and it STILL shows up on some sites' Top Ten download lists, over 5 years later. For the holiday season, we "decorated" the mantle with stockings, evergreen garlands and twinkling lights.

Version 2 went live in May 1997, and this time was designed to educate users about some of their lesser-known products that could be used while camping. The "Camp Duraflame" theme had an open-air feeling, including an animated campfire and similar shadow effects. The screensaver was much more detailed, and included nighttime, campfire sound. This screensaver shows up on Top Ten lists as well.



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